Why Scrum Masters Should Get A SAFe Certification

Published on: October 12, 2023

Why Scrum Masters Should Get a SAFe Certification

The benefits of a SAFe certification

If you are a scrum master, you are probably thinking of the next step to elevate your mastery. Like all career opportunities, one must continue to advance their skills or knowledge as the industry changes. Getting a scrum master certification might be the beginning of your journey to tech but it most definitely isn’t the end. There are several benefits of getting a SAFe certification including:

1. Expanding your Knowledge

In the world of Agile and Scrum, it is best to evolve as  the industry evolves. Further certification will always be worth the time and investment. If you are thinking about the necessity of having a SAFe certification, this is a sign to let you know that SAFe is a game changer for every scrum master.

2. Showing You what is possible with Agile

Agile and scrum methodologies are intricately woven. While you may have mastered this as a scrum master, the SAFe framework takes your knowledge to a whole new level. With the SAFe framework, your knowledge is scaled across projects and large scale organisations. You are equipped with a broader tool to learn agile principles and tackle complex level challenges.

3. Broadening your Career prospects

With a SAFe certification, you broaden your career prospects. SAFe professionals are in high demand, setting them apart from the team of scrum masters in the job market. With this certification, you are the expert from the pool of professionals. You get to command the figures you want to earn and position yourself as a pro. Whether you are  offered a leadership role or not, getting a SAFe certification is one way to broaden your career prospects and stand out.

4. Staying Current in an ever-changing Industry

As trends come and go, those who survive will be those who stay current in tech’s ever changing landscape. The Agile landscape undergoes periodic changes and because SAFe require renewals, it positions you to acquire ongoing education needed to stay relevant in the field.

For scrum masters, getting a SAFe certification is the next step. To elevate your scrum mastery, take the SAFe certification course here.

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