To Scrum or Not To Scrum?

Published on: October 2, 2023

To Scrum or Not To Scrum?

What scrum masters really do and how much they earn per year

Who is a scrum master?

The world of tech is evolving and new roles are coming up daily. One of such roles is scrum master. Although “scrum” has been around for a few decades, it’s popularity has been playing catch up. A scrum master is one that plays a crucial role in Agile project management framework.

Scrum masters are responsible for different parts of the project, with their expertise helping teams deliver projects efficiently. In a team, there can be several scrum masters or one, depending on the scope and size of the project.

Scrum masters create an open line of communication between all the stakeholders involved in a project, ensuring that feedback is given in a timely and productive manner. Scrum masters ensure that feedback is implemented and the team follows agile principles.

If you ever find yourself interested in a scrum master job, here are some possible responsibilities:

  • Facilitation of Agile Processes

A scrum master is responsible for facilitating  and guiding the scrum team on agile and scrum processes. This includes methodologies, its implementation, and execution. They ensure that scrum ceremonies such as sprint planning, review and retrospection are conducted as they should.

  • Support the team

A scrum master has a duty to support the team, including helping to self-organise and work cross-functionally. If there are any obstacles encountered in a project execution, the scrum master removes these obstacles during the development process.

  • Fostering open communication and collaboration

Being an expert scrum master will make you responsible for ensuring open communication and collaboration between all teams involved in a project. This way, you act as a bridge between the development team, product owners and all project stakeholders.

  • Reporting

Scrum masters have a duty to provide adequate report, based on set Agile metrics. These metrics should be adequately interpreted and understood in order to give room for feedback.

What Do Scrum Masters Earn?

 As a result of these responsibilities (and more!), scrum masters are adequately compensated for their role. Depending on currency, industry, location, size of the organisation and work experience, scrum masters can earn as much as mid-six $ figures.

For example, according to this Glassdoor salary scale, an entry level scrum master in the U.S, can earn as much as $106, 000 per year excluding perks and bonuses. For mid level scrum masters with a few years experience, that figure goes up by $50,000 or more. Experienced/senior level scrum masters may rake in over $200,000 depending on various factors. While these figures are not set in stone, it is definitely something to consider when looking for the a new job adventure!

How You Can Be A Scrum Master

The amazing thing about being  a scrum master is that you necessarily do not have to get a degree in the subject.

scrum bootcamp, taken over a weekend or two from the comfort of your home can prepare you to be the next scrum master making six figures! Another amazing fact about being a scrum master is that there’s the opportunity to work remotely(or while on vacation in Bali!), giving you the perfect work/life balance. With the demand of scrum masters being high, these figures will continue to face an upward trend. The question is, will you have a slice of this pie? Try some scrum master courses here to begin.

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