Why Do Scrum Masters Need a SAFe Certification?

Published on: October 4, 2023

Why Scrum masters really need a SAFe Certification and what it means to be SAFe certified


A SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) certification is a  must-have for any scrum master planning to set themselves apart from the rest, in this ever-growing tech industry. The certification is not only valuable, it is strategic, placing its holders on an expert level pedestal. The SAFe certification is proof you have undergone the training necessary for the application of agile principles.

What is SAFe?

SAFe is a framework used to scale Agile principles, methodologies, and processes to large organisations and not just small teams scrum is known for.

If you have been undecided about getting  a SAFe certification, here are a couple of reasons to consider:

  • SAFe helps you scale

For scrum masters looking to scale to large organisations(and not just small teams), SAFe helps you scale. SAFe addresses the problem of scalability, which scrum on its own may find difficult to handle. SAFe is useful for large enterprises and working with multiple interconnected teams.

With SAFe, scrum masters are guided on how to scale Agile practices, coordinating the work of Agile teams and ensuring value is delivered at scale.

  • SAFe provides Value delivery

Scrum masters function in teams, and while this is an agile way of working, it can lead to hyper-focus on team work and not overall business needs. With SAFe, end to end delivery is considered and team work is aligned with the goals of the organisation, ensuring value is delivered across board.

  • SAFe encourages extended team collaboration

Think of getting SAFe as a leap from a small pond to a much bigger pond. SAFe encourages extended team collaboration as this framework empowers the scrum master to work with larger organisations, more teams, and larger projects. SAFe provides the much-needed coordination for improved collaboration, communication between inter-connected teams, and a combined approach for project delivery.

  • SAFe broadens the knowledge of scrum masters

With SAFe, scrum masters are equipped with the role and events at team and program level leading to a thorough understanding of the complexities of large agile projects.

  • SAFe provides career advancement opportunities

Having a SAFE certification in a competitive job market gives you an edge. Currently, there are thousands of job openings that require scrum masters to have a SAFe certification. A skill set and SAFe certification makes you attractive to employers.

Not only is the certification recognised in the industry, it gives room for career advancement by displaying your willingness to keep up with modern practises in the field of project management and tech. You can enrol for a SAFe certification program here if you are ready to set yourself apart. In this two-day class, scrum masters  are sure of getting additional tools and techniques, plus a SAFe certification that makes them stand out in the job market.

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