From Beginner to PRO-ject Management

Published on: October 3, 2023

From Beginner to PRO-ject Management

Why You Should Consider A Career In Project Management

With new opportunities rising in the world of tech, there is no time like the present to consider a new career in project management. Whether you are looking to switch to tech(perhaps you are bored in your current role) or you are already in tech looking to explore new better-paying opportunities, becoming a project management professional might be the answer.

This is a branch of tech that combines love for technology, managing tasks, plus a hefty pay check!

Becoming a Project Management Professional

Taking on a project management professional(PMP) certification might be the beginning of a new career path you didn’t think you needed. Project management doesn’t always involve coding. With the right skills and training, you just might be the next project management expert.

A project management professional(PMP) is not only highly skilled, but certified in the ways and workings of managing projects. PMP is a globally recognised certification, conferring the holder with high proficiency status in the field of project management.

A PMP certification makes its holder in high demand in any industry. If you are unsure of what skills you need to excel in this field, here are some of what your duties may include in any company:

  • Planning and Execution of projects: Great planners make great project managers. As a certified PMP, it is expected that you lead/ oversee the planning and execution of projects from start to finish. Projects are broken down into smaller tasks and each member of the team is expected to work in an agile way. Mapping and creating timelines according to plan, including liaising with necessary stakeholders are some more duties.
  • Identifying Risk: Risk management might be a sub-industry on its own but project managers are expected to identify potential risks that a project might encounter. These potential risks are then mitigated, as foreseen challenges are tackled and pre-empted before they occur.
  • Leadership: If you have got leadership qualities, you might want to consider being a PMP. PM professionals guide and motivate their teams towards set goals of the project.
  • Open Communication: Are you a good communicator? Then consider getting a PMP certification to become a pro in this field. Project management professionals are known to communicate effectively among teams and stakeholders to ensure everyone is carried along.

Why PMP Certification?

A globally recognised certification sets you apart from the rest. It shows your level of expertise and makes you a valuable asset for any company.

The PMP certification sets a standard that commands respect within the industry, giving you the right to command your salary figures.

Where can I get PMP Certification?

Where you take the PMP certification is very important. The PMP certification is a rigorous exam that may need you to seek support from members of a tribe. The exam accesses your knowledge of project management principles, and having a coach to hold your hand as you go through this phase might be useful.

Joining a community of like-minded individuals can make all the difference, providing networking opportunities. This network can be a valuable source for sharing knowledge or help you land your first job! We recommend joining the Agile Tribe, a community of over 500 professionals on the same journey as you!

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