Lean Portfolio Management

In Lean Portfolio Management, the focus is on maximizing value for the customer while minimizing waste and optimizing the use of resources. This is achieved through the use of agile techniques such as scrum, kanban, and Lean Startup.

As an executive, project management officer, or key stakeholder in an organization, the Lean Portfolio Management course is designed to help you develop an enterprise-wide strategy for portfolio management so that you can optimize your resources and increase productivity while reducing costs. With a Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) approach, you can collaborate across silos, empower teams, and organize around value to adapt to what customers want, faster.

The LPM training equips participants with the knowledge and methods necessary to collaborate successfully with distributed teams in remote settings. You’ll discover how to integrate feedback from participatory budgeting, connect portfolio strategy and initiatives to the agile planning and execution of work, and adjust to change while keeping your financing goal and roadmap.

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