Four New Exciting Careers in Tech for Beginners and Experts

Published on: October 5, 2023

Four new exciting careers in tech

Those with roles in  career number four earn six-figures…


Times are changing rapidly, and so are the careers we used to know. As technology goes through different phases, new opportunities continue to emerge. In this article, we have spotlighted some tech jobs in high demand. These roles are shaping the future of tech, with thousands of vacancies popping up by the day.


Software Developer

A software developer is in high demand as they develop software to run digital businesses. Software is the bedrock of most virtual businesses. Hence, those who can develop these applications are always needed. Software developers are architects who code, test, and create software solutions. With services becoming virtual, companies are happy to pay software developers six figures to keep their business running, with figures depending on skill, currency, industry, and location. Looking to get roles this industry? Click here to speak to an expert who has the answers.


Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers are responsible for designing and implementing cloud infrastructure solutions. Lots of organisations are cloud-based, encouraging scalability, and reliability. If you know your way around the cloud(no pun intended!), then this role might be for you. A cloud engineer bridges the link between the physical and virtual world, commanding a six figure salary depending on location currency and industry.

Cyber security analyst

With everything going digital and virtual these days, it’s a no-brainer that cyber-security analyst roles would be in high demand. Cyber-security analysts protect business data from getting into the hands of wrong people. They pre-empt and prevent data breaches, fortifying companies from data threats and cyber attacks.

A company without a cyber-security analyst is leaving themselves open for attacks which can come in form of malware. Think of it as having a chicken coop without a gate to keep out foxes. Online safety is paramount to any organisation, especially those that handle sensitive information. Cyber-security analysts have to go through several security checks and keep abreast of the tools needed in digital protection. As hackers(and malware) are becoming more sophisticated, those who want to play in this field must be grounded in their knowledge and skill.

Scrum Master

With agile methodologies being the preferred way of running projects and teams, scrum masters are are in high demand. Scrum masters facilitate collaboration, encourage communication between teams, and ensure feedback is gotten from projects and implemented as the need arises.

A scrum master fosters a collaborative environment, ensuring each part of the team is carrying out their duties diligently. With salary ranging from $106,000, this is another sign to get into this space for its mostly six figure salary depending on location and industry. Organisations value the skills of a scrum master and are willing to reward them for it.

One way to gain these skills without going back to college or being a maths guru, is to join a boot-camp or take some courses from experts in the field. For example, this Scrum boot-camp provides hands-on learning to ensure the understanding of Agile principles and how it can be applied in real-life scenarios. A boot-camp fast tracks your journey towards being a scrum master even if you have no tech experience! With the certification given at the end of the course, the industry will finally recognise you and prepare you for those roles.

Which of these career choices would you consider? Share in the comments!

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