4 Tech Jobs You Can Do Without A Degree

Published on: October 9, 2023
4 Tech Jobs You Can Do Without A Degree


If you are looking to pivot to tech, there are a lot of tech jobs you can do without going back to get a degree. A degree in STEM opens a lot of doors in the tech industry but not everyone who works in tech has a STEM degree.

There are many tech positions advertised that do not require degrees but a knowledge of the industry. This knowledge can be gotten by taking a few courses like boot-camps or interning with an expert in the industry. Nothing beats having the right skills, attitude, and knowledge required for the job role even if it wasn’t acquired in college.

Here are some job roles that may be accessible without getting a STEM degree from college:

1. Project Coordinator

A project coordinator assists project managers in planning, organising and executing projects. Unlike project managers, they may not need to lead a project or be responsible for reporting project updates to stakeholders. To be eligible for this role, you need to possess strong organisational skills, know how to coordinate tasks, and deliver within deadlines. You also need to possess good communication skills and have previous experience in this role.

2. Project Management

Unlike project coordinators, project managers are responsible for projects. They manage tasks, report to stakeholders, and keep abreast of events relating to projects. They gather teams, pre-empt risks, plan, and delegate where necessary. To be an effective project manager, you need to possess leadership skills and take some training courses, sometimes over the course of weeks.

3. Scrum Master

A scrum master is an expert that uses agile methodologies to man teams. They facilitate scrum ceremonies, remove impediments to projects, and support the wider scrum team. For you to be an effective scrum master, you need to be skilled in Agile. Scrum masters are required to be familiar with scrum principles while possessing good interpersonal skills. Several scrum master roles are at entry level but to be paid expert fees which are over six figures according to this Glassdoor report, you may need to have a SAFe certification. Get one here.

4. Technical writer/Freelance Writer

Content is king. In this digital age, content creators will always be in high demand. Writers create content for businesses and tech firms including the UI/UX side of things. For technical writers, it might be a good idea to have additional knowledge of Python(R) or any other computer language. Creating written content can cut across audio, video or multimedia. To excel in this role, you may need to have strong writing skills and creativity.

Out of these jobs, which are you looking to consider? Share!

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