7 Reasons Why Our Scrum Master Intensive Training Program is Right For You

Published on: September 21, 2022

John is a new immigrant who just landed the shores of the United States. He is uncertain about what the future holds for him, and would like to make big in America, the land of possibilities. Despite his degrees, John does not possess the right skills employers are looking for, leaving him with no choice but to upskill in order to increase his chances with recruiters and employers.

Megan has a similar story. After high school and college, she is currently frustrated in her current job and can barely make ends meet. She wants to pivot to tech but has no  idea how to begin. She has little to no idea of coding but would still want to work in the tech space.

The same goes for Dylan, LaQuisha, Ada, Lola, and their group of friends who are experts and influencers in their non-tech roles but would like to make that switch to a Fortune 500 company.

If any of those characters sound like you, here are 7 reasons why this Scrum Master Intensive Training Program is right for you:

  1. You learn practicals from the experts

Agile Prep Pro has a team of experts ready to teach you everything they know about Agile! You can’t go wrong with hands-on experience.

  1. People with no tech experience can apply

Have you got no tech experience? Not to worry! The training is both for those with tech and no-tech experience looking to pivot to tech. However, it is a project based program that provides you with current industry experience to help you land those six figure roles.

  1. It is perfect for Agile practitioners who currently lead teams

Are you currently leading an agile team in developing high-value products?To deliver high-quality products using Agile methodology, you need to acquire the necessary skills, resources, and the right mindset through Scrum certifications. The bootcamp is structured in parts to carry everyone along depending on their level of understanding.

  1. As a Scrum Master, you become a must-hire for any organisation

*Scrum Masters are expected to:

-Facilitate Scrum events

-Guide effective iteration execution

-Support effective program increment execution

-Encourage constant improvement.

-Coach Agile teams for maximum business results

-Support devOps implementation

With the technical know-how you will learn from this course, you set yourself apart from the rest. The course contains learning objectives of technical excellence and the ability to learn how to enable your team have continuous attention to quality, thereby creating a culture of technical discipline and craftsmanship that serves as the hallmark of effective Agile teams.

  1. This is one of the most comprehensive courses out there!

Not to brag (or maybe we should!) but Agile Prep Pro boasts of professionals who know how to deliver learning in the simplest of terms. Our trainers are seasoned experts with years of experience. Our training teaches you how to build high-performing Agile teams and how to coach those teams to deliver the maximum business value at scale. As a Scrum Master, you learn how to support your team in addressing and eliminating impending issues to improve the likelihood of achieving stated objectives.

  1. You get to join the top earners!

Scrum Masters are in high demand and command a premium salary. The average salary for a Scrum Master in US is $103,629 which puts the role as one of the top earners. Our intensive Scrum Master Program with Agile Prep Pro is a community-based learning tribe where industry-led experts will help you kick start your journey towards high earnings!

  1. Students are to expect a full- house!

Program features include:

*Agile methodology and frameworks

*The foundation of Scrum and Scrum Guide

*How to write Epic, User stories and prioritize product backlogs.

*Daily scrum meetings, sprint planning meetings, sprint review meetings, sprint retrospectives, and burn-down charts.

*Collaborative Scrum tools such as Miroboard, Jira, and Planning Poker.

*LinkedIn optimization to enhance your visibility to fellow Scrum Master professionals, recruiters, and employers.


Click here to download the syllabus.


Need access?  Click here to get in fast! Slots are limited!


 What to expect in the Scrum Master Intensive Bootcamp

Learning will take place through live classes, facilitated discussions, and case studies enhanced by the instructor\’s practical experience and industry knowledge in working with multiple Scrum teams.


Training fee: $2,000.



Upon completion, all participants will be eligible to sit for the SAFe Scrum Master Certification that as a  stand-alone worth is $749.


Looking for a sneak peek into the course? Watch a free Introduction to Scrum Foundations class here.


If you are looking to land a Scrum Master role in a Fortune 500 company, this is the perfect bootcamp for you to easily crack the next Scrum Master Interview.


Our expert has years of practising as an enterprise agile coach, while helping multiple organizations and teams including Scrum Masters maximize value delivery through an agile mindset. This course gives you a 10x chance of landing a dream 6-figure Scrum Master job.


Here’s what you get:

*5-hour Live Sessions with face-to-face mock interviews.

*Lifetime access to our large community of experienced Scrum Masters.

*Guidance to beat your Imposter Syndrome

*Daily practical tasks to hone your agile knowledge.

*Scrum master interview questions with answers on each topic.

*Resumé review and optimized LinkedIn profile.

*1:1 session with Mentors.

*Mapping with Recruiters in our network of partners.


Looking to enrol? Register here. Limited spaces available.

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