Why You Should Take The Scrum Master bootcamp with AgilePreppro

Published on: October 10, 2023

Why You Should Take The Scrum Master boot-camp with AgilePreppro

Getting new certifications to advance your tech skills is always the right choice. Depending on your learning preferences, objectives, and learning style; enrolling in Agilepreppro’s scrum boot camp  is the best bet for you and here’s why:

1. Expert-led training

With expert trainers, Agilepreppro priorities knowledge from those who are experts in their respective industries. Our trainers have walked the walk and talked the talk. Not only are these trainers currently working in Fortune 500 companies across the US, UK, Europe and Asia, some of them have successful consulting businesses and their  tech companies. What better way to learn than to learn from experts?

2. Comprehensive Curriculum

Our scrum instructors have created comprehensive curriculum with basic and expert-level scrum knowledge. Our instructors have a deep understanding of scrum practices and principles. The scrum boot camp curriculum covers the full scope of scrum including roles and ceremonies. Agile methodologies are extensive discussed.

3. Learning Experience

In the boot camp, you won’t learn alone if you don’t want to. There are private sessions with the experts on a 1-2-1 basis but there is also the opportunity to have an interactive learning experience with others who are on the same journey with you.  You get to ask questions, mingle with other students, and take away real life examples. The boot camp has hands-on activities, case studies, and simulation. With unlimited questions and answers sessions, you can be sure of a wholesome learning experience!

4. Exam preparation

With Agilepreppro, you are never alone when it comes to exam preparation. Within the community, there are lots of opportunities for refresher courses, trainings and tutorials. There is targeted preparation for any Scrum master certification. There is also the opportunity for mock exams that can be repeated over and over until you are confident enough for the real thing.

5. Flexibility

If you have a busy schedule, don’t worry. The boot camp is flexible and can accommodate your schedule. It is also an online boot camp meaning you can join from any where in the world. There’s the option to learn at your own pace if you have other pressing needs.

6. Supportive Network

Our bootcamps give you the opportunity to meet other people and mingle with a community of tech enthusiasts’ and experts. In our Agile Tribe, we have hundreds of people who have stood as referees for others and share job opportunities as they come. Some of our students have gone on to get jobs at Apple, Google, Oracle, Microsoft and other tech giants.

Are you ready to begin a rewarding career in tech? Spots fill up fast so enrol here NOW!

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