A Child of Two Worlds: Who is a ServiceNow Agile Practitioner And What Do They Do?

Published on: April 17, 2024

“A child of two worlds.” What comes to your mind when you see this? Bet you would never have thought of it in terms of who a ServiceNow Agile Practitioner is, right?

But hold on just a moment. Let’s explain.

As you most likely already know, ServiceNow is a powerful cloud platform that offers a myriad of great tools which enable organizations to do great work and deliver excellent results. Now, that’s one end.

On the other end, there is Agile, which is a framework, a way work can be done and is being done within organizations.

So, here we have what can be described as the “best” of two worlds – ServiceNow and Agile, leaving us with a valid question – how do we merge these two to get something even bigger, better and faster? And there you have it – ServiceNow Agile.

In basic terms, ServiceNow Agile is a “union” that empowers anyone with the capacity to utilize the ServiceNow platform to facilitate and optimize Agile methodologies within their organization.

WHO exactly is a ServiceNow Agile Practitioner?

The ServiceNow Agile Practitioner is the one who is able to “walk” and “work” the two worlds. They are able to harness the best of the union between the ServiceNow platform and Agile framework to ensure efficiency in the delivery of their responsibilities.

To further break it down, as a ServiceNow Agile Practitioner, you are able to oversee or actively participate in Agile processes and events like sprint planning, backlog grooming, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews and retrospectives, effectively utilizing the features and capabilities offered by ServiceNow.

In short, you are quite literally a child of two worlds.

Now, while being a ServiceNow Agile Practitioner does not particularly refer to any specific role, one noteworthy thing to understand about who they are, is that they are generally able to do work using Agile practices and ServiceNow. Their specific roles and responsibilities are determined by their area(s) of professional expertise.

As explained by Olufemi Diji, a seasoned Business Analyst within the ServiceNow ecosystem, the ServiceNow platform is one that enables you to be anything you want to be.

ServiceNow has many career paths cutting across diverse backgrounds, all of which are open to exploration by any interested professional.

The platform is one that not only allows for ease of tasks delivery by professionals, but also flexibility in role selection.

In Olufemi’s words,

“That’s the beauty of ServiceNow. Everybody finds their place within it. And there is career progression in it. If you’re tired of being a Developer, you can be a Solutions Architect. You can become a Business Analyst, you can become a Technical Project Manager. You can also be a ServiceNow administrator.”

And that’s just scratching the surface.

One thing is however clear about being a ServiceNow Agile Practitioner – whatever professional capacity one decides to function in, within the ServiceNow ecosystem, a practical knowledge of Agile practices and the ability to effectively navigate within the ServiceNow platform are the two most essential skills needed to excel in the role.

Of course, that’s amongst other skills and qualities required by the specific career path chosen.


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