SAFe® Release Train Engineer

In the SAFe framework, the RTE plays a key role in the success of the agile release train by facilitating the flow of value through the system and ensuring that the team of teams is aligned and working towards the common goal.

The Release Train Engineer (RTE), a role exclusive to SAFe®, is one of three leaders that also comprises product managers and system architects. They are responsible for managing their teams, setting expectations and managing risks, determining which releases will be delivered in which timeframe, and ensuring that stakeholders’ needs are met throughout.

In the SAFe® RTE course, you’ll get knowledge about how to implement SAFe and continuously enhance PI Planning and other crucial SAFe events. Learn new procedures and mindsets by coaching leaders, teams, and Scrum Masters. Additionally, you’ll get the guidance and resources required to collaborate well with distributed teams in remote settings.

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