SAFe® for Government

SAFe® for Government is designed to help government agencies overcome the unique challenges they face when trying to implement agile, such as complex regulatory environments, large and dispersed organizations, and the need to work with external stakeholders.

Applying Lean-Agile Practices in the Public Sector with SAFe

More government agencies are implementing Lean-Agile practices to provide better results for stakeholders, including employees of the government and military, contractors, and civilians. But how do you overcome legacy governance, contracting, and organizational barriers? How do you adapt the success of private sector activities to the government context to deliver value faster on a large scale?

SAFe® for Government is a software development framework that helps government organizations improve their effectiveness and efficiency by applying Lean-Agile principles. You’ll learn how to improve collaboration with teams and stakeholders, mitigate risk, make efficient use of taxpayer money, and deliver projects with speed and quality.

SAFe® for Government answers the questions:

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