SAFe® for Architects

SAFe® for Architects is specifically designed to help architects and technical leaders understand how to apply SAFe® principles and practices in their work, and to develop the skills and knowledge needed to design and deliver high-quality software solutions in a SAFe® environment.

In the SAFe® framework, architects are important members of the team of three, along with product managers and the release train engineer. These individuals cooperate to carry out plans and direct Agile Release Trains (ARTs) in order to promote continuous value flow.

The SAFe® for Architects course will teach you how to leverage the principles of SAFe® to perform a complete analysis of your design process and create a roadmap for continuous improvement. 

You’ll gain the context and knowledge required to match business value and architecture. You’ll understand how enterprise, system, and solution architects work together to produce architectural solutions. Additionally, you’ll receive the instructions and resources required to collaborate well with distributed teams in remote settings.

SAFe® for Architects answers the questions:

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