Implementing SAFe®

Implementing SAFe® is the process of adopting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in an organization.

Implementing SAFe® is a course for professionals who want to learn how to implement the practices of the Agile Manifesto into their own organizations. It offers attendees the broadest level of insight into each layer of a SAFe implementation. This course is for those who want to be a leader in a Lean-Agile transformation.

You’ll receive the necessary resources and guidance needed to lead effectively in virtual settings with dispersed teams. You’ll learn how to identify value streams, launch agile release trains, and build a Lean-Agile portfolio. You’ll also practice the principles of Agile product management and product delivery. Implementing SAFe® will help you to plan and guide a SAFe transformation, but by first understanding the roles to be played and functions to be carried out in SAFe.

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